Mario & Sonic @ Sochi Huge sales spike??

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Will the Olympic games hype boost Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Olympics and Wii U console sales??

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Maybe. If they advertise it well enough.

It'll help boost M&S Sochi's SW sales, like always.

HW? Hah!

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well considering all the rumors coming out of sochi people may want to forget those olympics.




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For sega/nintendo relationship....I hope so.

Yes of course.

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I always enjoy the M&S Summer & Winter Olympics games, and Sochi is no exception so I'd like to be optimistic and say there'll be a spike. Whether it's big or small I don't know.

If they put TV commercials on during the tv events maybe, but not if they don't advertise it. So it all depends on what Nintendo and Sega do to advertise it.


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game sales will increase, console sales probably not or only maybe a few thousand in whole february