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RPG, Horror (just take the COGs out and you have a horror game, any normal man would pee his pants in face of those aliens)

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Nsanity said:

LOL, Would be the best game ever, Also Wagner thats a pretty cool idea, Normal human trying to survie against the Locust would be kinda like ODST, Dropping from a Spartan to a ODST but even worse since you would just be a normal human Lol Would be cool to have a kinda horror game like that, Especially with them goddamn Kryl ¬.¬ Lol

NiKKoM said:

Gears of War Kart confirmed

I'd probably enjoy that more than the main games, I love kart racers!

I can see a survival horror game or something like fallout 1 / x com with a regular struggling human community... With turn based fights...

rts is doable too

he is right the universe can land itself well to other genre... More so than halo actually imo

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So they're destroying the game?

Tales of Gears

Milking incoming...

Ryuu96 said:
Gears RTS could be pretty good, Microsoft really should bring back Ensemble, Hire old staff, Give them back Halo Wars, AOE and Gears Of War RTS and let them make the Halo Rpg they were originally working on, Having a mainly Rts studio again would be pretty cool, Would definietly buy a new Halo Wars, Gears RTS, Age Of Empire looks pretty cool so I would give that a shot

I'd love that to happen, if they also launched those games on PC. RTS games need a mouse.

And before someone mentions it, yes, I tried Halo Wars and it wasn't bad. But it would have been better with a mouse.

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Stick with what works, MS. Creativity just isn't your bag. Keep Gears a TPS and make sure its quality before you launch it. Do not make purchase of the Xbox One be in vain.

I knew they weren't buying it for no reason. They're going to milked this shit dry.