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Sony has been closing the gap over the recent years but North Americans seem to still prefer xbox one/360 over the competition.  Even after the terrible unveiling and the PR fiasco it's still neck and neck in North America.   I kinda scratch my head at this cause the rest of the world seems to still hold their grudge with Microsoft according to sales numbers.  Why is this?

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Because we need to be patriotic

They don't. They just prefer certain types of games and playing with their friends. Good marketing and a couple of popular games and things could go either way.

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

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Because to this day I have still not seen a PS4 commercial.

X1 is everywhere and it is awesome! Even saying that though, didn't the PS4 still beat out the X1 or has the 1 caught up?

Plus everyone has a 360. What would you expect? I do not know anyone with a PS3 as far as I can remember. Not trying to be extreme or rude. I just do not.

Halo was the start I think, then the community got big and everyone stayed with COD and other games.

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actually the americans are the least brand loyal

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Because Microsoft is an American corporation?

There could be many different reasons as to why Americans buy Microsoft's XB. Why do Europeans buy the XB? Why did the few Japanese that breathed around the XB buy it?

I'm an American and would never think of buying an XB.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Ps2 tends to disagree on that

American company. Less extreme than Japanese tastes, but still there.

Big exclusive IP's are better suited to the US market. A first person shooter; a third person shooter; a WRPG; a racing sim & a dancing game (although, have those stopped now? Idk).
Compared to Sony whose biggest IP's are a racing sim; a third person shooter; a hack 'n' slash and, to a lesser extent, an FPS and a 2D platformer.

No reason to switch. USA was PS2-dominated; many users switched to 360 when Sony effed up so monumentally with the PS3. Microsoft messed up with the Xbox One but corrected many of their mistakes before launch; thus not really giving much incentive for people to switch allegiances.

Many people happy with their 360's and feel no need to switch to PS3 too as it gets all of the multiplats which is what the majority of people will play.

Because Microsoft understand the importance and focus a huge amount of resources there; while Sony spread their focus a little more evenly across the world.

Pick any of the above.

dead rising
alan wake
quantum break
maxpayne (originally xbox exclusive)

while the others focus on jrpgs and games catered to teenagers

also MS is an american company


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