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Incubi said:
I win :)

Must say I laughed when I saw your prediction, it was impossible for me :(

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It's time to see the prediction for end of year.

My 5 million prediction, will probabily happen.

1.5 million end of year!
5 million lifetime!

Would have said 350k for first week, but im late for that party (how many did it sell?)

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Looks like my 5,000,000 by year end and 1,000,000 first week was very close!
Maybe don't will break 12,500,000 but well, 2/3.

itll probably be at 6 or 7 million by the end of 2015
then end around 9 million lft


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RealGamingExpert said:
drake_tolu said:
LOL ... many say 400/500 k in the first week... Ok, Mario Kart DD, sold 200k ONLY in Japan (and the game sold more in Eu and USA), Mario Kart 64 sold more 300k ONLY in Japan, ecc... Mario Kart 8 has more pre order than it had 7 (62k VS 71k), and the MK7 sold ONLY in USA 640k the first week... now... how does MK8 to sell GLOBALLY 400/500k first week? XD XD XD -_-"

Double Dash was released in November and the Gamecube already sold more consoles than the Wii U in the same time.

So i dont think it will be as high as Double Dash first week.

Well, at the end have sold MUCH better. xD