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So I guess we're now going to blame retailers for not helping to create hype by hiding what they have in abundance.

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They should have launched XB1 in more countries

fps_d0minat0r said:
They should have launched XB1 in more countries

But people said it was a bad decision launch in a lot of contries

Xbox one is doomed...they should go 3rd party...they should stop makin consoles...and all that bad stuff...

There's never not been a huge stack of them at my Best Buy. And they've never had even a single PS4 in stock.

People do get on your case for "anecdotal evidence," but it's like, you know what people? We're still allowed to present our anecdote and let everyone else present theirs. And in the case of these systems I only need to hear so many stories before it's obvious that there's a stark difference in what's going on between them. It may or may not mean something for the future, but it definitely means something now.

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ethomaz said:
pbroy said:
That's Best Buy's problem. If they hid those 50 Xbones in the back, people would think they are in high demand too and want to buy one. Create some demand by not showing. People ain't going to buy an Xbone any time soon if they see that. They can get one any time they want.

Sometimes you didn't have place to put the boxes...

Or maybe there are already 200 Xbones in the back


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The walmart in my town has plenty of xbox ones no ps4s...

The walmart in my town has plenty of xbox ones no ps4s...

I know I almost got raped by a store employee that tried to sell me an Xbox One back in December but those "We have Xbox One" signs were are there for people that tried to buy an Xbox One back when they were sold out. No point advertising what you don't have--the PS4. We'll see plenty of "We have PS4" signs eventually, same as with the Wii and PS2 before them.

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This would be considered anecdotal if micro didn't all but confirm they go a s-ton of the things unsold in the wild.

Thanks jlmurph!