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No. I have all my consoles going back to the Atari 2600 my father brought home.

First of all, I always wait until a console has some interesting games before I buy one. Second, I can't imagine getting rid of something I paid full price for and getting on a fraction of that back, then having to re-purchase a new one if and when more games arrive. The wasted money would make me feel sick.

Really, why even buy something if you have no faith in it?

Sold my PSP in late 2006 and then a bunch of great games came out in 2007/2008 so I purchased one in 2009 again.

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I remember when I broke the screen on my PSP 2000 my freshmen year of highschool I traded in my blue original DS with all my games to buy another one. At first I was fine with it because it could get porn I played it more but later on I had wish I just kept that beautiful DS and all of my games.

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sry double posted I have no Idea why, heres a link to the main thread

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Most of the time yes, at worse you get them back in the bargain bin later.

Sold my PS2... what the fuck was I thinking. Got another one now and buying all my old faves.
When I was younger my mum gave away my N64 =( Rebuilding that collection has been expensive.

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