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I didn't enjoy :(

Why do you hate on Killzone and Knack bundles

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

So much stock. Demand over?

Killzone and Knack bundles on amazon UK as well :(

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eFKac said:
Why do you hate on Killzone and Knack bundles

I dont, but total hit price in one go is a barrier for a lot of people. £349.99 is a chunk of dough, never mind higher figure just because one game is bundled.


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so it's that much with no bundle? that's the equivalent to about $582. when it's $400 here plus tax. so 433 for me or I got my ps4 for the equivalent of 260pounds

Also new infamous bundle up on Amazon for 385, damn that bundle will sell well if that's the retail price.

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