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Current President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata appoints YOU as the next NCL President, and he will be your Vice President. How would you run things at Nintendo if you were in charge? 

If I was the President of Nintendo I would...

-Amp up the Advertising/Marketing department and that focus more on ALL type of gamers with catchy phrases like Wii made this for U or What are U waiting for?
-Host monthly Nintendo Directs with what to expect on Wii U and 3DS
-Update the Wii U's and 3DS's interface, browser,and MiiVerse
-Update customization of Miis
-Localize popular Japanese games such as Monster Hunter 4 and make a MH4 HD port for the Wii U
-Release at least one retail game a month to avoid droughts
-Invest in Western developers to release dormant games like StarFox, F-Zero, Eternal Darkness, etc
-Have conferences and try to bring back support from willing 3rd Parties
-Make Nintendo Network ID less cumbersome and fix major problems on it
-Invest in some 3rd party exclusives
-Create an revolutionary FPS game on Wii U to hype up the "core gamers" and make all new IPs targeted to many demographics
-End production of the current Wii U Basic and Wii U Deluxe and redesign the Wii U's appearance and add 250GB of memory for $299, a new SKU with 64GB and without the Gamepad for $229
-Make sure all our development studios are occupied making games 
-Focus more on the "U" and less on the "Wii" when advertising on commercials, game boxes, and the console boxes

Is all this too ambitious?

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Fire Iwata

And then make new IPs and get a marketing department that doesn't suck


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Wonder why there are so many threads asking what one would do if they were a honcho at Nintendo.

What's the massive difference between this thread and

Apart from job description which wouldn't mean much in this made up scenario.

No, It's not too ambitious. People have already made threads like this though.

I would swim in money! I would maximize profit and cut everyone's salary! More money to me! Mwhahaahaha!

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We had one like this before which generated great replies. So, round2 I don't mind.

1 - I would change my outlook on the business and get much more aggressive. That means I would not look at one game release as a big thing, but instead as one among many needed efforts for success, and push every effort and game release to the limit (marketing, quality, dev).


That's where I would start.

At this point if you are Iwata there really is not that much you can do. Nintendo consoles sell because people want Nintendo games and by Nintendo games I mean Mario,Zelda,Donkey Kong,Mario Kart,Smash Bros, Mario Party, and Wii Sports. I love Pikmin,Kirby,Metroid,Starfox,F-Zero,Earthbound, and Fire Emblem, but they all always sell between 1 and 2 million, and should be used to make some software $$$, once the install base is there. Instead Nintendo choose to build the console on NSMBU (good choice), Nintendo Land (ok choice), Pikmin(horrible choice), Wonderful 101 (HORRIBLE Choice), Wind Waker Remake (meh), and SM3DW (Great choice). The bottom line is that Iwata did not have his finger on the pulse of software development, and that is not a problem that can be fixed overnight my any means.

Is it Groundhog's Day?

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d21lewis said:
Is it Groundhog's Day?

Nintendo should go mobile!

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Nintentacle said:
No, It's not too ambitious. People have already made threads like this though.

Some people just don't want to be Iwata. Here, YOU are the President of Nintendo, you have the power to either make the company prosper or let it collapse under your leadership. Iwata is Vice President to avoid you from collapsing the legendary Nintendo Company. You also have the power to decide what can and can't happen as far as software is concerned.

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