Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze pushes WiiU to the limits?

No Gamepad Features, because of performance-problems

11,4 GB of space  


What do you think? 

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It does....for a 1 Gen game
games released in 2 years will look considerably better

Sound like bollocks, is only 720p. More likely doing gamepad stuff will cost more money and they are doubting the ROI. They not even selling it full price.


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No, it won't. The game will look fantastic, but it will not push the systems limits.

lol no.

Off topic, this was always what I was saying 3rd parties should have done when they gave us the bullshit excuse ''we don't know what to do with the controler so were not gonna do any games on the platform''. But I'm not fooling myself, I know this excuse was always fake in order to make them look better to Nintendo fans (I'm looking at you Kojima).


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Anfebious said:

I raise you


Where does it say that the gamepad goes dark because of performance problems? The link says that it goes dark to save gamepad battery life. This game won't push the Wii U to the limits, but it will still look nice.

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I see some people don't actually read the article.