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Retro Studios Has 2B Working on Metroid Now! Video of An Easteregg from Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze has surface showcasing Samus's Ship inside a Hidden Level!

Below is a link to an easter egg found in DK Tropical Freeze! Check it out!!!



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Yeah, i'm going to change the thread title until you can provide more definitive proof than an easter egg. By that evidence, Retro should have made a new Game and Watch title.

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I don't want to spoil the game but where did the 28 number come from?

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I love your enthusiasm tbone.

Just an Easteregg. Unless their doing Dk + Samus Vs Mother Brain. After that shitty Other M its not that impossible.

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Roma said:
I don't want to spoil the game but where did the 28 number come from?

2B = to be

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i hope they are and i also hope the rumors for pokemon plus and minum are true to that way i for sure buy the wii u

Shadowed trees = Samus ship apparently. They could have atleast zoomed in.

So Kojima is making Mario

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I do really like people's enthusiasm for franchises (especially Metroid), but in all seriousness I think we need to stop looking for clues that aren't there. "reggie's wearing a pin!", "there's a picture of samus' ship in this game!". Sometimes facts are just less exciting. Reggie has swag and wears it (just like I would!), retro appreciates the fans of their games and respects their past games. Simple as that. There's no secret Metroid. And I hope that there's no Metroid from them for a while if ever again. Let's not pigeon-hole retro into "those guys that made Metroid" How bout another franchise they make great again? or how bout a new ip. I love the enthusiasm for one of my favorite franchises, but let's be a little more realistic of our expectations and intuition.