Forums - Sony Discussion - What PS4 Exclusive(s) Will Get a 90+ On Metacritic In 2014 (If Any)?

Infamous Second Son Will Get A Score of __ From Metacritic!

95+ 9 3.85%
91-94 60 25.64%
87-90 79 33.76%
83-86 56 23.93%
80-82 16 6.84%
Under 80 14 5.98%





What Games on the PS4 will get a 90 or Higher Score  from Metacritic ???


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Infamous SS, The Witness, Order 1886

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Probably Infamous SS.
There's no info on any other exclusives, i think?

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Infamous Second Son - 86-90
The Order 1886 - 90+
Driveclub - 84-88

Probably none, even though they deserve it.
 The Witness might just be pretentious enough to appeal to those snobby critics.

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The Order 1886
The Witness
Infamous Second Son
Uncharted 4

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

inFamous - 85 - 90

Uncharted 90-95 (we'll see)

The Order: 1886  85 - 90

My guesses.  

The fact that this even matters is part of what is wrong with gaming. Most of my favorite games don't have stellar scores on metacritic...didn't take away from the fun.

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The Order and Uncharted.

Infamous: 83-86%
Driveclub: 80-82%
Too early to call any other games