Can The PlayStation 3 Still Break 100 Mill? Edit: OP is in 2nd comment

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People of gamrConnect, ioi and spurgeonryan. I come before you from a time long past with an urgent matter. I want to report a glitch in the system, an error in the matrix, a bug in the gamrConnect forums. 

You see, as it stands, ioi has a time machine on gamrConnect, out and ready to be used by anyone. Not many know of it yet, but given time evil will surely learn and they will do as evil does...destroy. 

Please, ioi, close the time machine and save the world while you still can.

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After a rollercoaster of a generation for the PlayStation 3. I've always said " I just want to see it hit 100 million"


I guess it's just the last thing i want to see it achieve before officially closing that chapter in the gaming-history books lol


After receiving the new weekly numbers, we can see that the PS3 charted 90k. If we look at past sales trends, we can guess that the console should drop by another 10% before leveling so PS3 should settle at around 80k regularly(excluding holiday sales).


The PS3 is currently sitting at 80.9 million so it would need another 19.1 million.


So VGC, do you think the PS3 can break 100 million hardware sales ltd?

How much did PS2 sell after PS3 launched?

PS3 may do half of that.

If that number > 20 Million

Then YESSSS!!!!!!!

I sure hope it does...don't want Playstation home consoles to lose their 100 Million streak

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Yes, I think it can make it. Still quite a bit of the price that can be dropped. Super Super Slim Version.
and lol


What happened to this thread?

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enditall727 said:

What happened to this thread?


You did this!  

A big no, I also believe it is somewhat overtracked and it will drop hard now that PS4 has been released.

It was hijacked by the time wizard pezus.

OT: Considering what happened last year I don't think it will, it's dropping off too fast.

if this price cut is incoming it can only help but it is falling away in the US it seems

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond


Im...not following the OP.

But regardless, I don't see it hitting 100mil now. 95mil would be the maximum IMO.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.