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Every  3 days I'll put up a new video game(s) and you the VGC community will rate it and I take the average and arrage in the games from highest to lowest. 
Rate from a scale of 100
Only rate each game once. 

Please note that if a game is below a 75 metascore you will need to given an indepth explanation of why you are giving this game above a 95 and if a game is above a  75 metascore you will need to provide indepth reasoning for giving it below a score of 50.

Previous Scores: 
Grand Theft Auto V: 90.8
Battlefield 4:

Average Scores:

Rate the following games (If you haven't played one of the following games DO NOT rate them, only rate the ones you own or have played)

Tomb Raider: 
Bioshock Infinite: 
Crysis 3:

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Can I rate only one of them? Out of those I only played Crysis 3.

This just reinforces my need to clear my backlog. I own 2 out of 3 of those and have never even played them.

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Tomb Raider-80
Bioshock Infinite-95
Crysis 3-Never played it

Tomb Raider: 80
BioShock Infinite: 98
Crysis 3: NA

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I can only rate Bioshock Infinite. I give it a 8.0 / 10 or 80 / 100. So I suppose it's a bit overrated but nonetheless a solid action-fantasy shooter with a stretched point in story.


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Well I guess so.

Crysis 3: 55/100

Tomb Raider: 7
Bioshock Infinite: 9
Crysis 3: 5

Out of these, I didn't finish Crysis 3 because it was too boring.

Tomb Raider: 7/10
Bioshock Infinite: 5/10
Crysis 3: 0/10

All three are overrated.

Tomb Raider - 9/10
Bioshock Infinite - 9/10
Crysis 3 - N/A