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Is 2014 an amazing year for exclusives?

Yes!!! 214 43.50%
Nope... 231 46.95%
Its a start I guess... 47 9.55%

I think 2014 is a great year for Wii U exclusives. Confirmed for this year, we're getting...

Donkey Kong Country Topical Freeze

The latest edition of the Donkey Kong Series releases ths Feburary! 


Mario Kart 8

Everyone's favorite Karting game hits stores this Spring!

Super Smash Bros U

The most popular brawler will be unveiled in full HD later this year.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta makes here return as a Wii U exclusive this year.


The succesor to the highly acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles is slated for 2014.

Hyrule Warriors*name not final

Not much is known, but its being made in colaboration with Tecmo Koei, supposed release date is 2014, and will feature Link.

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Plus there's the new Miyamoto IP.

I'm rather convinced Ninty has something else up it's sleeve that they're getting ready to fast-track for 2014 that we'll either see in the next direct or at E3.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Yeah it's a great start! Not saying that the console will fly off the shelves, but the lineup seems awesome to me personally. Especially X!

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This is definitely the year to get a Wii U for those who have been waiting for great games. Really, the Wii U has already achieved must have status in my book just for Super Mario 3D World. Great games.

i think theres gonna be more than that....which is even greater

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Bayonetta 2 :D

Awesome year, by the end of 2014 5 of their biggest franchises will be on WiiU (2D Mario, 3D Mario, DK, SSB, MK). Hopefully that along with smaller titles like X, Bayo2, Pikmin, WW HD, Lego City etc. will be enough to start pushing console sales. Wonder were they go for 2015 aside from Zelda and Super Mario??

Btw Yarn Yoshi is potentially 2014, so things just keep looking better =D

I wonder if they need another year of nothing after this one to bring the rest of their franchises.

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Yarn Yoshi

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Possibly: Zelda U, remakes of whatever,  some Mario Sports game, and some unnanounced games.

Hopefully: Paper Mario, F-Zero, StarFox, Metroid, maybe 3rd Party exclusive.

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vivster said:
I wonder if they need another year of nothing after this one to bring the rest of their franchises.

They just needed some time to get used to the HD era. Hopefully, they'll fully utilize as many of they're owned developers and some 3rd party support as soon as they can, since it is rumored that the increased their budget to avoid another yearly loss of profit.

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