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MoHasanie said:
bananaking21 said:
MoHasanie said:

eFKac said:

And yes I am a Nintendo hater.

Why would you hate nintendo? 

why not? its the cool thing to do. 

lol, I thought it was cool to just hate Microsoft? 

no, thats the right thing to do

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Yeah and while there at it they should hire Krazy Ken Kutaragi.


Great thread! Reactions are glorious lol.

But ya, hire dis guy if you want Nintendo dead XD.


Basil's YouTube Channel


Picturing that did make me chuckle, thanks.

No but iwata reggie should be fired and replaced with a more open minded people

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Nah, Bernie Stolar is a better choice. He'd gladly kill off the WiiU prematurely.

Fire Iwata if the new business strategy doesn't work, but don't replace him with Don Mattrick. That's a weird name... Matt, Rick...

Joke thread right.


Not funny.


Agreed. Iwata has no clue how to run a company. We need someone like Matrick to get things back on track.