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So in order to address losses they should bring in a guy who has headed a division of another company that was responsible for even deeper losses and make him the head of a traditional 100+ year old company in a country with vastly different business culture. That does not really sound logical to me.

Dan Adelman of Nintendo of America seems like a better canidate of have on Nintendo's board because of how he managed to change the 3DS and Wii U eShop from the worst indie developer space to mostly on-par and at times even better than its competition. I feel he can do a lot more if he is on Nintendo's global board (of course not as CEO or President or any top positions like that).

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JerCotter7 said:
Wii One. No thanks.

 It sounds like " We won". 

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If you want to give people a reason to hate Nintendo even more then go right ahead.

If ever it was worth being banned for calling someone an egregious cunt, Don Mattrick would be that person.

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if that happens then i would really start to believe the Nintendo doom threads.

Yeah because the Xbox One's original vision had such wide appeal. It's still an albatross around the platforms neck and Sony's poised to win both the U.S. and U.K., yeah bring in that douchebag. I hope this is a "comedic" thread topic.

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No keep Iwata but he does have to figure out a way to get a better understanding of the west. Hes either getting bad info from Noa and they need to be fired or hes not listening to them. Either way hes gotta figure it out because i think its becomeing obvious nintendo franchises alone cant sale there home consoles in the west anymore.