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So I know quite a few people that bought an Xbox 1 because PS4 is impossible to get right now. 

Is this the reason Microsoft is selling consoles???? Would Microsoft even have 2million sold if PS4 was in stock?? Should Microsoft be sending Sony a big thank you card for not having stock in North America during the holiday season.

I'm personally holding out till Ps4 replenishes stock and get a few more games I'm interested in, until then....Wii U and 3DS ftw

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Just as with "my local ____ has lots of ____ and no ____ " the world does not revolve around what your friends chose to do, and regardless of their reasoning for doing so, a sale is a sale.

Maybe its selling because some people actually like the system?

just like i said last time a thread poped up about the guys uncle, Im sure your friends will be upset within the next week (and just like last time stores recieved a shipment)

If you think about it, EVERYTHING is selling more because PS4 isn't in stock. If I had a PS4, I wouldn't have bought all of those comic books last week.

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Vasto said:
Maybe its selling because some people actually like the system?

Don't be ridiculous. Nobody likes xbox.

OT: The amount of people that bought X1 instead of PS4 because of no stock is nothing compared to the people that are still patiently waiting for more stock.

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Your friends are right. Nobody really wants an Xbone. Since PS4 isn't in stock, it makes a lot of sense to blow $500 for a stop-gap machine. Doesn't everyone have a gf/wife that has money babies? I cash in at least once a day.


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If ps4 was in stock I wouldn't have bought groceries.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

I'm sure the stock issues gave the X1 a boost, but the X1 would still have sold a shit ton irrelevant to the PS4's stock situation :P

I also have a friend who went out to buy a PS4 & came back with a XBO. Thing is, I'm 90% sure they'll buy a PS4 too by the end of the year.

They would've gotten both eventually anyway I'd imagine.