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How dare you Nintendo for trying to make playing games with your friends irl fun.  How dare you make awesome 4 player local games extremely fun on Wii U and 3ds and actually encourage people to get together with their friends in the same room.  Can't you see people want to play video games by themselves on overpowered systems with poor quailty games online.  Don't you see that many dude bros would rather be bitching over a headset with trolls half way across the world then interact with real friends and girls that you psycially know. 

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Yeah! ...I guess?

The last Nintendo game I bought was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Since that day I don't trust Nintendo anymore, because it was actually a peninsula.

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well, why not a overpower machine with traditional Nintendo games?

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So that explains the low sales.


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Don't have a go at Nintendo for not catering to dudebro's (or others that like online) that audience isn't interested in WiiU.


EricFabian said:
well, why not a overpower machine with traditional Nintendo games?

Because if Nintendo makes an overpowered machine, it would still be ignored by dudebros for being a Nintendo product.

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yeahhhh pretty much

No wonder Nintendo is stuck in 2001. With statements from their faithful like these........

Times have changed. Most people don't have the time to gather at a friends house to play games anymore.
There is something called the INTERNET. where friends can all get together and play games together. And guess what ? They can all have FUN TOGETHER. .... Crazy right !!!

Yeah why do people care about online or graphics? Fuck the future! Let's just go back to our Atari 2600s, you know, the golden age of gaming.

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