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When will the Wii U pass the Dreamcast sales.

Fiscal year 3 64 71.91%
Fiscal year 4 8 8.99%
Fiscal year 5 2 2.25%
Never 15 16.85%

Someday this year I hope...

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By December 31 2014. By the end of the year, Wii U should total at about 10-12.5 million, maybe more or maybe less.

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By the end of this year easily.

This year.

July (if Mario Kart comes out in april)

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Yeah Easily within 2 months of Mario Kart release, Dk will bring it closer, but Kart will give it a bump for a couple weeks, enough to push it over. Wost case scenario we are waiting until smash before it gets there. But without a doubt it will be before the end of 2014.

If it keeps selling as last year, it could happen this year during December or next year.
If it gets a comeback (which won't happen) maybe when Mario Kart 8 releases.
If it just sells better this year because of more game releases, before September.

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