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 It seems video game collecting has exploded over the past few years, especially retro stuff.  With the virtual console downloads coming out now and with emulators on pretty much every device is there really a point in collecting?? As long as you have a little bit of computer knowledge you can almost get any retro game from any country on your computer.  I guess you technically don't get the true experience cause you don't have the original controller and system hooked up to your t.v but does it really matter?? I think we will see a fair drop in prices soon on the retro market but who knows, maybe they will remain high.

Also on a quick side note....what are peoples thoughts on VGA graded games?

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It does matter if you care about owning a piece of something physical... If say servers goes down or the company goes down, then all those games are fucked... and you get goodies like the art work and etc... Plus you can sometimes resell the game 25 years later for a lot of money

Also I like the boxart and no where is this more of an issue for me than the game called Senran Kagura Burst where NA only receives the digital copy but EU gets the boxart...

I mean just look at it... NoA or who ever is responsible for not releasing a physical version is stupid...


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