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As good as Valkyria Chronicles is, its story is not top 10 material.

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Oh my gosh. Somebody other than yours truly... realizes that Dragon Quest V's story was pretty damn good. Man, that just makes my day.

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BasilZero said:
Wow out of the whole list, I've only played half of them :(.

I need to get back on my RPG groove (even though I technically am :P).

Yes, indeed, you really need to play Suikoden II

Final Fantasy 1 gave the whole story away. :D If you just want story press power, and turn off. GG.

People in general like the games storys of Chrono Trigger, FF7, Xenogears. They all came from 1 guy basically. Look it up. There's you hero.

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"Story" is probably the most subjective component of videogames so I'm not exactly shocked by the list.

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[Warning: Spoilers]

There are a number of different aspects to a story as well. Very hard to rank them. You can have a very basic and average story that's told very well with great pacing (e.g Ocarina of Time) or you can have an incredibly deep and well thought out story that's a bit harder to follow (Xenogears in my opinion).

Best actual storytelling I'd have to go with Final Fantasy 10, as the threadstarter suggests. Some aspects of the story itself I found a bit contrived and incongruous: did they really need to make it so Jecht was Sin? and why was that Yu-Yevon randomly injected the story (although clearly the Mass Effect writers approved)?. But the actual main character driven narrative was handled so well. Slowly coming to the realisation, just ahead of Tidus, that Yuna was going to her death was incredibly moving. And then later on realising that Tidus would fade away. Incredibly powerful stuff.

Well I think what JRPG's bring and have always brought since PS2/FFIV/Lunar was simply CHARACTERS they didn't just bring Link, they brought a huge party with a lot of enthisiasm and attitude not just 1 main guy but a group of guys and gals. That combined with a well paced and told story makes these games storys that much more special. Yep.