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prayformojo said:
snyps said:
Wii U is my favorite system.. i don't care if you don't like it. Iwata stays.

Translation? "I'm going to plug my ears, close my eyes and hum my troubles away" lol.

The problem Nintendo has is due to creating a vaccum. They sent the core packing during the Gamecube and Wii era, and swooned the casual. The casual left, and then they had no one to sell games to (console speaking). Now, they have to start from scratch again. I hope they do it. I have faith that they'll do it. If anyone can, it's them. They're the last of their kind. A true, gaming company.

No. As a consumer, the stock of Nintendo is irrelevant to me. What games  they'll release is what I have my eyes and ears.

And I'm not going into arguments now, I'm sick. But you made a good point, even if it's what they are trying to NOT make the Wii U.

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snyps said:
Wii U is my favorite system.. i don't care if you don't like it. Iwata stays.

You should. If Nintendo keeps releasing consoles which don't sell, then they might not be a home console company in a decade (like Sega).

toastboy44562 said:
Michael-5 said:

Wii and DS weren't Iwata's decisions. They were the ideas of that guy who died recently. With him, all "innovations" in Nintendo consoles has died. WiiU was an attempt at mimicking the DS.

3DS was a bad name for a new console, I can see it selling less people people aren't aware that it's a new console

Heck, Iwata said he would step down if WiiU didn't sell 5 million units by the end of their fiscal year last year (March 31st 2013). He didn't......but he should.

In other words he should be doomed!!!

Hiroshi Yamauchi made Nintendo what it is today, it used to only be a tiny little Card company. Iwata clearly has shown us that he isn't talented enough to fill his shoes. Iwata should go, Nintendo should stay.

Wow....this guy was the 13th richest person in Japan at 1.2 billion USD. 491st in the world, impressive Mr. Creator of Nintendo Video Games.

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As far as decisions in EU and NA go: yes. He should definitely hand over some power to someone who understands the foreign markets.

We are all doomed.


It's ridiculous this is even an option. The dude has had one unsuccessful console so far out of four, and the other three that were successes were so popular that they shattered records.

Nintendo did mess up on the Wii U from the very beginning when they decided on the hardware design and name. There was no way that console was going to be as successful as the Wii from the start, and I think just about everybody knew that from the beginning except for him and Nintendo. Now that the console is out there is not much he can do except support it with good software, which he has been doing to an extent, and make a few refinements.

He needs to either throw money at third parties for some exclusives or buy more studios to create games that appeal to the western market.

The online infrastructure needs to be refined a bit more. Virtual console titles should either be released a lot quicker, especially the triple a titles, or the WIi library should be transferred over.

All first party games should make extensive use of the touchpad where it fits, nothing tacked on to show the capabilities that it has. It's not enough that you can offscreen play, which is the very concept that Iwata and Nintendo developed the Wii U on.

If he messes up again this poorly, then by all means he should resign. Messing up would be creating another console that neither revolutionizes games or doesn't appeal to the core market. Messing up is switching personnel to heavily focus on smart devices when the 3DS is doing fine.

So far he has one strike against him. But by all accounts, besides the Wii U debacle, he has shown undeniable intelligence that I feel very few men have when it not only comes Nintendo but gaming as a whole through interviews and investor meetings. You get a sense he really loves Nintendo, and to him it's much more than just business, a trait most CEOs lack.

Give him another shot. The Wii, DS, and 3DS success were all on him as well.