How Much Does the PS4 Light Bar get you mad?

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How Much Does the PS4 Light Bar Get You Mad?

A lot 20 35.71%
Sometimes 8 14.29%
A little 20 35.71%
I wish DS3 was on ps4 8 14.29%

Like seriously guys this should be optional. If I had a PS4 it would ruin the gaming experience at night because I like to have it dark when I play horror games. How much does it ruin the experience for you guys?? I would sign a petition to Sony to release a another controller to buy.

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What is the point of it anyway? Apart from being a nightlight for 5 year olds?


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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
What is the point of it anyway? Apart from being a nightlight for 5 year olds?

It's supposed to give the PS4 a high tech look and match the light bar on the system. It fails at it hard imo. It looks like something thats on the jetsons

Hasn't bothered me playing games but it has definitely bothered me when i watch movies so i just turn it off when i do that.

Not as much as I expected, since I'm easily distracted.

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The purpose of it is for the camera for motion capability and to indentify which controller it is

Personally, I don't find it that annoying in the most part. When I'm watching Netflix it can be slightly annoying since it is so very redundant, but when gaming I don't notice the colour (making it pointless for those capabilities)

The only time it is really annoying is when I'm watching Netflix on my laptop at the same time and the light reflects off the screen

Hasn't bothered me at all. Since I don't need to have it pointed at the screen when I'm watching a movie I just set it down and turn it away. Unless you're playing right on top of your TV and the controller is dead center of the screen it's no more distracting to me than the Xbox button on the X1 controller or the Kinect when I visit my friend. The option to turn it off would still be nice to help battery life.

The only time I've ever noticed it was in between cut scenes and even then it wasn't much of a big deal.

Why is OP complaining about it when he doesn't have a PS4?



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poll should have a "not one bit" option

my PS4 is hooked to a monitor, so i sit literally 2 feet away, and i have 0 issues with it. although to be fair my monitor doesn't have a reflective surface, but seriously, why don't you just use ducktape???

I have yet to notice it...

Well actually thats not true, about a week ago i had to plug in my controller to charge and the room was dark, so i was able to use its glow to find the USB slot.

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