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Only if X1 accepts Jesus Christ as it's personal Lord and Saviour.

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A price cut and am I the only one that thinks the Green Box after the first day edition is really ugly?

Landguy said:

When you look at the chart http://www.vgchartz.com/article/251476/ps4-vs-xbox-one-vs-wii-u-global-launch-sales-comparison/ or article aboout the comparitive launches of the 3 consoles, the XB1 is on the same path as the WiiU.  Of course it had a stronger start, but the trajectory is very similar.  It will take another 4-6 weeks before most Chartz people start to see this more consistantly.  Just in time for Titanfall to obscure the #'s!!!  If Titanfall doesn't blow up and stay that way, there will be a lot more people agreeeing with me by June.

I am one of the few people that agree with you on this.  I think a lot of people here are fans of the XBox One and will look at the positives of the launch (which there were certainly many), but will ignore any negative trends.  One thing you have to consider when comparing trends of these three consoles, is that the demand for the PS4 is still far above the supply.  If you look on the top 5 online retailers that sell the PS4, it's out of stock on each one.  The XBox One is in stock on all of these same sites.  The XOne will certainly outsell the Wii U, but it's going to take some serious changes to turn it into an 80M seller.  I predict it will land in the 50M range.  The next few months are going to be really telling.  It's just hard to justify a device that's more expensive, and under-powered compared to its biggest competitor.   I'm a huge microsoft fan (yes they exist).  I own only windows computers, have owned 2 windows phones, 2 zunes, etc... But I just can't justify the XBox One.  It just doesn't have enough positives.  Maybe if they dropped the Kinect, kept voice control via a controller mic, and dropped the price by $50 (to $350 w/o kinect) I would jump onboard.

And everyone needs to stop making the argument about the XOne not being available in all markets.  It's not going to sell well in Japan, period.  So count that market out. 

The x1 is going to drop a lot IMO early 2014...but saving is way premature.

It's not even doomed yet, jeez guys. That's not a nice stance to have in life, being premature can impact negatively your relationships, specially if they are a woman.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

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People are saying that the Xbox One doesn't need saving (in some ways they are right) but i think Microsoft really does need to be serious as can be to advertise get exclusives and push new features via updates as fast as possible.

The under current of the sales and the fact of more supply then demand seem to me to be the first signs of something that could end up with 3 to 4 times more sales of PS4 then Xbox One. And could lead to a massive gap if Microsoft is not dead serious.


I'm pretty sure the only reason you're saying this is because the PS4 is ahead of it.

Just because it's doing worse than PS4 doesn't mean it needs to be saved.

MS already did what they needed to do. They made their changes way before the console launched so the "saving" has already been done.

PS3 was in a much worse situation and that's the main reason why 360 was able to stay ahead of the ps3 for so long.

AZWification said:

 It doesn't need  saving.. It  has sold 3 million in less than 2 months.

True the Xbox One doesn't need to be saved in the since that it will sell and is selling well at the moment.

But Microsoft has showed with the last 2 generations that they don't support the consoles like they should and if they don't change this greatly

I think things will only get worse as they go along.

Also when it comes to PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison, I think the reason the ps3 came on strong is because of the feature set (blu-ray, and slighly better graphics ect) also because sony supports their console much longer. I think that unless microsoft is dead serious then while the PS4 acclerates the xbox One will steadly fall further and further behind.

Of course all this is just guess work, but you could say it's mostly what my gut says and what microsoft and sony have done in the past.

Japan will of course be a major part of Sony pulling ahead Also I think Sony could accelerate this by getting the Japanese developers behind them specifically porting some rpgs to the ps4 like Persona 5 and others even is sony had to do the porting themselves.