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What Kind Of Games Do You Prefer

Story Oriented 32 45.71%
Gameplay Oriented 37 52.86%

What kind of a gamer are you and why?

I personally prefer games with immersive stories. I like to play a game on easy or regular and just enjoy myself. I like to get immersed into the life of the person im playing an enjoy the story. I'm not a huge fan of mp oriented games and prefer games like resistance, uncharted, last of us, alan wake, ni no kuni, heavy rain, and beyond I probably worded it pretty bad but that's the gamer I am. How about you?

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I love the plot in games more than anything!


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I prefer gameplay over story but I have no problems playing a story based game. I was able to play 999 or Virtue's Last Reward and the Phoenix Wright saga without problems, they are more like Visual Novels but they are still games as you have "puzzles" to resolve.

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I can both ways.

It really depends on what kind of game it is. Though I myself love a good story.

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I've managed to put up with CoD stories so I'm going with gameplay.

Story is far more important for me.

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Well, it all depends. I prefer gameplay, but I'll still play a game with bad gameplay if it's story is great.

95% Gameplay.

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Gameplay over story, because most games are more gameplay oriented than story oriented. There are few games that are 50/50 or 75/50 story over gameplay. Most games are far more gameplay heavy than story, even RPGs.