Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I'm third party and won't support WiiU because....

just come up with excuses to why you don't want to support WiiU. I'm sure we could come up with funny excuses

my hands are to small to hold that big controller

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Are they not allowed to be true? Because I have some real kickers!


The Official Pokemon Thread:

Kikwi 4 Lyfe!...?

Cause the N in Nintendo offends black people

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This is backwards.

It should be, "I'm a third-party, why should I invest my resources into developing for the Wii U instead of somewhere else?"

Miyamoto killed my dog.

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My eyes are too small to see the gamepad screen

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NintendoPie said:
Are they not allowed to be true? Because I have some real kickers!

anything goes, true or ones you just came up with

I'm a third party dev and I won't develop for it because I'm EA and I'm fucking evil.

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Fusioncode said:
Miyamoto killed my dog.

You too?


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