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I bought Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wii U, and I just can't add it to my collection. This is not the first time I'm having trouble with adding games to my collection, it's so badly designed... Can someone please tell me how to add it? Did you have the same experience with this or any other game?

If so, please share your experience, this thread's purpose is to let the web designers know if we're having problems so that they can solve them.

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I just gave up, and decided to list my game collection on a website called VGCollect.

You cant add any of the newly released games, they stopped supporting the database unfortunately.

Alternatives include

-GameFaqs Game Collection
-IGN Game Collection

Whatever you do - dont use the GameSpot Game collection, its bugged horribly and the staff doesnt seem interested in fixing it ever since they changed their entire coding for their site few months back.

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I use Gamefaqs, and so should you.

In your profile go to Games => enter armored edition in the "Add Games" Box => Select the appearing Wii U game via the Wishlist button => go to your Wishlist => select the same game via Add button and it appears in your game collection (My Games).

Own experience over the past 6 and a half years: VGC once had one of the best videogame databases around. The days of the TalonMan. Those days are long gone.

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They don't update anymore, which sucks :(

I updated it on my iPad, but gave up this year. Now I'm just playing games, don't care anymore about updating.

Well, okr described it pretty well. Sadly, the database here is just broken and incomplete now.

Make your own excel database. That's what I ended up doing. This site was the greatest videogame database known to man during the VGC 2.0 days. Now it's gone into a wiki database on Gamewize. Which won't let you add the exact game versions you have, just the game in general. There currently isn't one great database out there that I know of. They all lack in some features which other ones may have.


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yeah thats also my problem.thats why i opened a gamefaqs account.

What we need is a myvideogamelist in the same vein as myanimelist. That would be amazing.

Anyways, okr seems to have answered your question.