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Thought it'd be good to start a new thread for controversial things such as gestures and celebrations and so on happening.

A big one I'd say would be the Nazi salute celebration by former AEK Athens player 20-year old Greek Giorgos Katidis right after scoring a late winner.

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Let's also not forget a recent one that happened last week by West Brom player Nicolas Anelka that looked like a Nazi salute

Zidane's headbut.


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Lance Armstrong finally admitting he was a drug cheat

I think someone just grabbing someone's arm and biting them

Why would you do that




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This was the best! The other countries were blaming each other, and Australia got it's first gold medal ever for a winter olympics.

Tyson biting Hollyfield's ear

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Aren't the multiple deaths of athletes, fans and referees every year enough?
But sure, someone lifting his arm in the wrong angle is worth a controversy.

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can you really have a sports controversy thread without sanduski's name popping up? lol

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