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Normchacho said:

I love how people saying that MS version is better aren't even talking about the big "selling point" feature of the one but instead are just talking about apps that have been around since the 360. Those apps and the new HDMI in feature actually negate each other right? One is supposed to let you replace your cable while one lets you watch it through your Xbox...

We know that Sony have a deal with Viacom already (VH1, MTV, CC, Nick, TV land, BET, CMT, Spike, etc.) and announced the other day as the CES that they have good relationships with other content providers. The also announced that testing had begun on the service and that it will launch sometime this year in the United States.

You also don't need a PS3 or PS4 to use the service as it is designed to work on any internet connected Sony device so even a Sony smart TV would work. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Having your cable box built into your TV without having any sort of box connected to it.

Having a deal with Viacom and other content providers just mean they have made deals just like any of the other cable companies.  Lets say you have Time Warner and using the the App within the 360 for your content.  If sony comes out with their IPTV that just have the same stuff you get on your TWC, how is that a better solution.  

@ Bolded: Using TWC again, it already have an app that you can download and get all of their service including live TV from Apple devices Android devices Roku and Samsung Smart TV.  A few of the bigger cable companies do the same thing and their stuff are supported on more than just Sony devices.  In other words, if you subscribe to any of the big cable services like TWC, Comcast, Verizon etc, you are not tied to any device or Smart TV since they support them all.  There is nothing really new that Sony is doing or unique from their competition, its just another service. At least until we get more detail.

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Sony, because they can deliver the TV.

Yea and how do you know what contracts MS has signed for their streaming TV service? They are both coming and until they come out you and nobody else can claim one or the other is better. You can hope Sony has the better service because the PS4 is your choice but nobody knows. Again, Sony is playing catch up, MS announced TV is coming to the X1 months ago. Hey wait a minute, I thought all the PS4 fans were only interested in gaming and not in any entertainment anyway? Why should it matter to them? For me im excited to have the best of both worlds, to tell you the truth I like streaming Amazon Prime on my Wii U. It shows the actors who are on the screen during the show. Its a bit easier to use then Glass with my X1 and nothing like that on my PS4.


Well it remains to be seen which is better as these are long term goals of both companies. I'll go with whoever saves me more money. :)

Off topic: What's with the CES marketing of Breaking Bad in 4k? Seriously, I have already seen the show. I don't need to see Walt's baldness with more shine in 4k..

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How surprising?

Sony's is better. And importantly has been revealed better and doesn't require 2 boxes!

Can you explain how Sony system is better without knowing what content and price of the service.  Also, will Sony service make people drop other subscription services like Netflix or Hulu.  Will Sony service sell consoles or make people drop their cable.  I believe without know what Sony serivice will provide its hard to say if its better.  It really could just be another streaming service like Netflix and Hulu.  Sony already sell their content to other providers and I highly doubt they will kill that revenue just to promote their own service.  In other words, what will separate Sony Service from the others that are out now.  If Sony is going to offer content the cable companies offer, how will their service separete from those cable companies offerings especially since those companies have apps as well.

Also as I stated, in this thread, you do not need a cable box to use cable services on the X1.

SO no different to what we have in the 360 or PS3?

The difference is that the PS3 and PS4 does not support any cable apps.  That means  if I have a PS3 or 4 and Time Warner cable is my cable provider, I could not use the console as a cable box.  This could be where Sony IPTV comes into play unless TWC is your internet provider and you go over your download cap using Sony IPTV.

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i play video games on consoles and not buy them to watch tv so i honestly don't give a shit lol/



Cobretti2 said:
i play video games on consoles and not buy them to watch tv so i honestly don't give a shit lol/

Thanks for sharing but then again, I believe a thread like this was probably not something that needed your input.  It always amazes me why people waste their time commenting on stuff they do not care about.

You know, if Community doesn't get renewed this season then maybe Sony could fund it themselves and air it exclusively on PS4?

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Person open a thread to discuss which solution is better to conclude he needs more info on one to evaluTe and need to see the other take-off to see if it work. Genius as most journalists and analysts nowadays.

Cobretti2 said:
i play video games on consoles and not buy them to watch tv so i honestly don't give a shit lol/

I'm here because I use my consoles for way more then just gaming.

Why are you here?