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Look at this, its after Christmas and you cant get a PS4 anywhere easily.





On ebay they are going for 150$ + over the standard price.


Are Sony having manufacturing issues ?


People are saying they are selling well still, but they have to be in stock in the first place to sell !

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More like strong demand... unless Sony could produce close to 2 million units per month you won't see these supply issues solved.

It's been like this for sometime now....


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I honestly thought you'd be able to walk right into any store and pick one up right after Christmas. I've been totally wrong about both the PS4's availability and the Xbox One's sales, it seems.

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I can pre-order a Killzone Bundle on Amazon in the UK, should get it after about a week.

Plain consoles are still out of stock though.

Saw some in stock today on Amazon in the US.

Stayed up about 10 mins..shipped a week later.

The demand is very strong. 

an other 400k next week would be really impressive.

I imagine very well the PS4 reaching 5M in January.

and 7M by fiscal year end

everything happened just as planned

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I was at a local game store and in the 20 minutes I was there looking around and waiting in line, they literally got 3 calls for PS4's, 1 for a Xbone, two customers went in and asked about the PS4, and one for a Xbone, which they don't stock because it's a family owned business but they directed the people to their local target, which all had Xbones in stock and out of PS4's. I asked the cashier about how many customers a day he gets for the PS4 compared t the Xbone and he just laughed and said the PS4 by a landslide.

So far, it looks like they've supplied as much as they said they would. Close to it at least. Demand is just much higher than most people expected, especially SONY.

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