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Really Halo3 enjoyed the Single Player, enjoyed the 4 Player Coop Campaign pretty damn much, which wasn't very Common back in the days. Didn't Know for sure, but Maybe it was the First 4 player Coop on Consoles?? Forge was Fun as Well. Especially MP was Great, enjoyed Hours playing online.
Soundtrack is still the greatest of all Time for a Video Game. When counting the Add on Halo3 ODST to the Halo3 experience Firefight was top Notch fun

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for me, the combination of a good arcade racer with power ups and very chaotic gameplay was just a golden combo.
to bad bizzare creations isnt around anymore.

Xenoblade Chronicles because of the huge world to explore where every area is different, great combat, many quests to solve, great characters, great story and most of all one of the best soundtracks i have ever heard

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seeing so many people saying xenoblade makes me want a wiiU to play the next one :S


Uncharted 3.
Great story, and great online which includes co-op.
The dialogue in that game is what most high budget movies wish they had.

While characters in most other games stay silent during gameplay, in uncharted the characters keep interacting, so it keeps you interested and perfectly bridges the cutscenes. Even when youre climbing, there will be jokes exchanged between the characters. The amount of detail is incredible.

Then theres the variety of locations you get to play in, and again, they are very detailed, not only the textures but also the effects like fire, water and dust.

Apart from red dead redemption, nothing comes close to U3 as an overall game of the gen for me. Uncharted made the most of its linearity to beat Red dead redemption.

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I cant pick one overall tbh.

PS3 -God of war 3 - because it was fun as hell and still one of the best looking games even now.

X360 - Gears of War 2 - I played it over and over again just because it was fun, I never did get the seriously achievement for 100K kills though.

wii - wii sports - a ton of drinking and fun with friends with this one.


Ni no Kuni - Brings back the nostalgia of classic JRPGs. Level-5 remains one of my favorite JRPG developers. In addition, incredible art direction from Studio Ghibli coupled with a beautiful soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi.

Runner-ups: Lost Odyssey, Persona 4 Golden, Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Either between BioShock or Ni no Kuni.

BioShock because it was the first time I ever really got into a shooter. I remember being blown away with rapture and everything the game had to offer. It really opened my eyes to a genre I never took a second glance at. And while I still haven't played a shooter I love as much as BioShock (still love Borderlands though) I am always up for trying a new shooter.

No no Kuni. Well for one i just love Studio Ghibli. Great story. Good combat. Big open world. Lots to do with side quest and what not. One of the very, very few Jrpg's this gen that rank up with some of the greatest the genre has to offer. Ni no Kuni is the future of Jrpg's.