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In terms of hours - Dark Souls 2 (PC)

In terms of frequent play sessions - Super Smash Bros 4 (3DS or WiiU)


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MP - Titanfall. 50+ hrs easily.
SP - Destiny or Sleeping Dogs.

JESUS!! So many games come out next year! Will the console war finally end? All this games will get me distracted to be in a war...

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GT6, if the proposed DLC tracks come true I'll be coming back to it throughout the year. I probably still have another 40 hours to go before wrapping up single player, then multiplayer and seasonal events plus DLC.

SSB4 it will be my most played in 2014-2016 at least since my cousin visits a lot and even when it's only me and my bro it's still a lot of fun

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Monolith's X or Mario Kart 8 or GTA 5 on PC.

To me, it's looking like either Dying Light, Infamous: Second Son or Super Smash Bros.

Smash. Obviously smash.

Persona 5 and infamous second son.

gta 5 either on ps4 or ps3 i cant hold out much longer

followed by next uncharted and evil within


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