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Far to early to tell.
Destiny and Deep Down look the most interesting and could have potential to be "1000+ of gametime" games.
I will surely play a lot of the WoW and D3 Addon and so will i still play DayZ and will try out Wildstar.
The Division looks interesting too and so does DriveClub.And of course the yearly Fifa which i don't count cause i usually play over 1000 OnlineGames before the year ends.

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Out of multiplayer games? Titanfall probably. The Witcher 3 will most likely be my game of the year given the franchises quality.

Its probably gonna be SSB or X.

Probably Smash. Possibly not though if The Division comes out next year.

Ssb4 wii u


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GTA5 at home and Final Fantasy X HD out-of-home.

inFamous Second Son, Watch_Dogs or Mario Kart 8

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Super Smash Bros U or X, maybe Watch Dogs.

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Probably GT6. Maybe Destiny. Maybe The Witcher 3

Probably Final Fantasy X HD

It took me 130 hours to beat Pennance on my PS2 and there are a few extra things to do to get the 100%, so I reckon that'll take me to like 150 hours

I think the most I played of any game last year was 80 hours of Persona 4 Golden