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~gamrConnect Most Wanted! February 2014 Edition~

Vote for your top 5 most anticipated games in decending order!


  • Name the platform you intend to buy the game for, I advise everybody to do this please, but multiplatform games need to have a single platform specified. Otherwise, I'll be forced to guess, and that can lead to general pandemonium.
  • Cannot release in January, has to be a February or later release.

How This Works:

  • Points will then be added up on the basis of most wanted.
    • 1. = 5 points
    • 2. = 4 points
    • 3. = 3 points
    • 4. = 2 points
    • 5. = 1 point


Note: You can NOT vote for Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, Chibi Robo 3DS, or any other game coming out in January . The only exception is if you can prove it is not being released in your region yet. For example, if you live in Japan, you can vote on any upcoming PS4 or Xbox One games, even if they have been released elsewhere.

Please do NOT edit old posts. That throws off the numbers. Instead, quote your original post and then specify the changes. Alternatively, if you were just reserving a spot, feel free to make an entirely new post with relevent information.

Love and tolerate.

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My Five Picks

  1. X (Wii U)
  2. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)
  3. Super Smash Bros 4 (Wii U)
  4. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS)
  5. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (3DS)

In case it wasn't clear, this means I'm looking forward to X the most.

Love and tolerate.

1. X(WiiU)
2. Infamous Second Son(PS4)
3. Super Smash Bros for WiiU(WiiU)
4. Mario Kart 8(WiiU)
5. Hyrule Warrior(WiiU)

Nothing to see here, move along

1. Infamous Second Son (PS4)
2. Dark Souls II (PS3)
3. Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)
4. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
5. South Park The Stick of Truth (PS3)

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

1. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) =
2. Metal Gear Solid V (PS3) =
3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U) +1
4. Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) -1
5. Yoshi's New Island (3DS) *NEW*

Destiny drops off the list after several months. Just haven't heard much about it since E3.

Yoshi's New Island makes its first appearance thanks to a new teaser trailer during the last Nintendo Direct.


Edit: stole axum's ranking system

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1. Infamous Second Son (PS4)
2. The Order 1886 (PS4)
3. Uncharted (PS4)
4. Destiny (PS4)
5. Titanfall (PC)

1. inFamous: Second Son
2. DriveClub
3. Uncharted (PS4)
4. The Witcher 3 (PC)
5. Metal Gear Solid V (PS4)

I will probably edit this later (and quote it, naturally)

1. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (PSV)
2. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (PS3)
3. Lightning Returns FFXIII (PS3)
4. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
5. Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)

1. Super Smash Bros
2. Mario Kart 8
3. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
4. X
5. Bravely Default

I took Dark Souls 2 out of the list, I'm not as hyped for it anymore.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

1. Infamous Second Son (PS4)
2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
3. Uncharted (PS4)
4. Destiny (PS4)
5. Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)