Forums - Sales Discussion - PS4 starts dominating - outsells WiiU and X1 combined (Read OP, please)

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
290,244 264,100 N/A 656,655
130,323 59,055 114,516 319,860
225,748 64,099 N/A 307,366

WiiU + X1 = 627k

Europe is looking like utter decimation by the PS4. Nothing will come close there. NA is more of a battle right now. Japan could also be a battle due to WiiU sales improving. 


People! Just stop discussing the 3DS. It's pointless for two reasons:

1) This thread isn't about the 3DS.

2) PS4 is limited by supply and thus the comparison is not fair at all.

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Least the wiiU sold more than the xbox one... thats an achievement of itself!

We all know ps4 is gonna be king for a while anyway so this isn't anything new

Also, nothing will come close? 3ds says hi!


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Impressive Japan Wii U sales... Should be very interesting in February when Ps4 launches.

Not sure about these numbers for the US though.... Hardware went up, but software is still very low.

If close to accurate, love me that Ps4 domination! Also Vita got a boost!!! I'm a happy Sony/Nintendo fan ^__^

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As long as we have the specter of supply issues hanging over these new consoles, I'm not sure what significance these numbers will have. Certainly interesting, but very context-dependent.

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Good Wii U sales, excellent 3DS sales.

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Sony fans (x)boner alert :P

pezus said:

Europe is looking like utter decimation by the PS4. 

I think you mean "domination" and not decimation.

EU sales are very telling. Nintendo have no appeal and the Xbox is too expensive.

Power of PlayStation is showing.


Jumpin said:
pezus said:

Europe is looking like utter decimation by the PS4. 

I think you mean "domination" and not decimation.

Decimate as in destroy.

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Damn great sales!