To my surprise, Im actually enjoying Knack.

Forums - Sony Discussion - To my surprise, Im actually enjoying Knack.

I do agree it could have used more platforming and puzzles, but it was still enjoyable. Didn't bother with the hardest difficulty though.

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You're supporting the destruction of this industry

Nah uh. People who haven't played it told me it's a shitty game, so why would I believe someone who's played it?
But in all seriousness, I cant wait to play it wheni buy a ps4. By then it'll hit the bargain bin, so I won't mind any annoying parts. Have to say, though, I really dislike puzzles, so looking forward to playing it even more.

You're not allowed to enjoy games that don't at least have an 80 metacritic score.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

You must have bad taste.

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That's cool. Sometimes reviewers hate good games. I personally can't think of a duller game I have played in recent years.

I was getting it(in about 3 yrs with the system)regardless, but a vote of confidence helps.

RolStoppable said:

Low expectations and low quality standards.

Seems to be attitude of many.

It is fine, odd that have to defend Knack when many other games manage to skate by for being just pretty good.

i like it my cousin beat it and sold it to me been working my way slowly through it..

I liked the game so much that i have already played it twice and going on to platinum it