What is your favorite console of all time?

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Your favorite console ever?

Xbox 8 2.16%
Xbox 360 29 7.84%
Playstation 3 37 10.00%
PS2 69 18.65%
PS1 23 6.22%
N64 34 9.19%
Gamecube/Wii 40 10.81%
SNES 66 17.84%
NES 19 5.14%
Handheld/Sega/Other (lack... 44 11.89%

   The SNES without doubt for games like  Mario World, Mario RPG, Earthbound, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and so on. The PS2 is a close second place though.

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I only counted 3 other Sega fans other than myself, disappointing how few of us are left these days.

PS1 had Xenogears. So that.

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Dulfite said:
DerpSandwich said:
Why the hell are Wii and Gamecube lumped into one category? My favorite is the Gamecube, and not the Wii.

Like I've said multiple times now, it only allowed me to make 10 options so rather than eliminate a console I combined one with another. I wish I could have split them up.

Sorry, I can only sift throuh so many pages of replies before just asking.  :P

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Strictly based on consoles my elite go

1. PlayStation 2
2. Super Nintendo
3. PlayStation 3
4. Nintendo Entertainment System

toss up between ps1 and 2 i guess im attached to those b/c i was a teen while gaming on them, but have more gameplay hrs with the ps3


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SNES is the best by far but there aren't a lot of Nintendo fans here and most people are very young anyways.

But whoever had an SNES back in the day knows what I'm talking about.

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I have been fortunate to have a console in every generation to date...

In the end my favourite will probably always be the Colecovision.

Games like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Lady Bug, Boulder Dash, Frogger, Dig Dug, Defender, Galaxian, Gorf, Gyruss, Zaxxon, Jumpman Jr., Pac-man, Pitfall, Popeye, Q*bert, River Raid, Space Invaders, and Spy Hunter (All of which I still have today - Along with a real colecovision console!). These games were really the genesis of true creativity, and a peek at what consoles would later become.