Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you want a GOOD shooter for 3DS?

Shoota ...

Yea? 69 53.49%
No? 60 46.51%



Well ... I know not all of you like shooters, but there is no shooter like BF, or CoD for 3DS. 

And I do like a shooter from time to time. 

Now, what is required for a shooter: 

-Good graphics 

-Online multiplayer

(my opinion)


What do you think?


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There's supposed to be a good TPS coming soon. It's called Ironfall. If it does well, maybe we'll get more.

Personally, I own a Vita and I just don't know if FPS are a good fit for handhelds anymore. I used to buy them for the DS just to see if it could be done but the novelty has worn off, now. On Vita, even if you get an FPS that works well, you have to have Wi Fi to play online and if you're in a place with good Wi Fi, there's a pretty good chance you're in a place with a home console. Why play online on a portable if you have a console?

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yes, please. The closest thing I have is RE:M3D

They wouldn't sell, personally I think shooters belong on consoles and PC.

Edit: I mean first person shooters.

          I'd like to see Metroid Prime Hunters 2, but polished. The first one for the DS was decent at best.

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Of course! Why would anyone say no to an expanding library?

First person shooter will not work well on 3DS, lacks a second analogue nub.


KylieDog said:
First person shooter will not work well on 3DS, lacks a second analogue nub.

Tell that to Metroid Prime Hunters which had no sticks or pads to work with.

Also, Circle Pad Pro, bro.

Won't sell?
The CoD series looked terrible and look at there sales for the quality they are:


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FPS on handheld? Did you see Vita sales? :D I like slow games on handhelds like Pokémon, Fire Emblem and Persona 4.