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Exactly how title says, nintendo has 2 crossovers coming out both for WiiU!

My question is what 2 franchises would you like to see as a Crossover Title if it were possible!?

So far we seen pokemon x (forgot the name)=Pokemon Conquest and that game was surprisingly great! (Hopefully Zelda x Dynasty Warriors and SMT x FE is great as well)


Wat do you want to see??? Post your thoughts!!!

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   Mega Man X Metroid. Make it happen, Nintendo and Capcom.


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Viewtiful Joe x Wonderful 101
breath of fire x Fire Emblem
Mega man x Ice Climbers

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Monster Hunter X Pokemon.

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Excitebike x resident evil

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Resident Evil X Fatal Frame?


Only struggling to come up with something good because MonHun X Pokemon and Viewtiful Joe X Wonderful 101 have already been suggested.


What Nintendo really needs to do is team up with Sega for a Steel Diver/Ecco the Dolphin crossover. That game would get more publicity than any Nintendo game ever made from PETA alone.

Okami x Zelda


Ken and Chun Li on Smash Bros.

Resident Evil X Animal Crossing.

Rufus (Street Figher) X Wii Fit. This needs to happen. They can make a reality show from it too, it'll be a big success in USA.

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I heard Nintendo characters are going to join the next Project X Zone game whenever that comes out.