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The reason to think about it is because of what i saw what they made with the plattaform genre.

You can go with this line of tough: When you have a lot of certain kind of game(and good ones) exclusives on that plattaform, the people that buy that plattaform will have more interest in more games of this same type. Look at 360. It has the halo and gear of war ip. Then, microsoft made aggrements to have early acess to some dlc, and they became the to go plattaform for shooters in general.

Then, nitnedo tried the same with wiiu, but with the plattaform genre. Rayman was almost exclusive, lego undecover is exclusive too, they tried with sonic. Even today, we have prospect to recieve another plattaform game very soon: DKCTF. In matter of fact, fans of the plattaform genre will get a wiiu. This worked in some extent, since on wiiu rayman legens selled more. The problem: plataform genre don't sell console anymore. Die hard plattaform genre fans are a niche now, so it not going to change the console fortune.

But, the second genre that are really shaping up everyday better on wiiu is the action(non-shooter) genre. You see, action genre in japan is big. Even bigger than most of fps games. Then you look at what you have with wiiu. A zelda hd. W 101, they had even a ninja gaiden 3 exclusive edition for some time, remenber?

Then we look at future: Bayonetta 2. Zelda musou. Zelda U.

Do you see? They are trying more games on this genre, to make people buy the machine to get the better experience on those genre. Why would they fund bayonetta 2? Why would they lend zelda ip, one of the most valuable for then?

What do you think? It will work?

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They should be trying to push every genre on the Wii U but "Action" is a start.

Though, you basically named a bunch of Zelda games which I consider to be Adventure.

Do you see? They are trying more games on this genre, to make people buy the machine to get the better experience on those genre. Why would they fund bayonetta 2? Why would they lend zelda ip, one of the most valuable for then?


Because the wii-u needs some games basically and creating HD games is taking Nintendo EaD far longer than they expected it would. Also Bayonette 2 was planned but canned and I guess they sadly thought that gamers would be happy to see them save it from getting binned completely and brought it to the wii-u... you know there was actually people saying they would kill themselves over this on Twitter. sad times.

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No not really no more than anybody else is doing. Their are bunch of platformers on other systems, hell Sony themselves just put out Knack for PS4 and Puppeter for PS3. They also have GOW along with a bunch of other multiplats in the same genre. Ninty is going to be good for platformers, but as long as games keep skipping Wii U there not going to be pushing anything (at least in the action genre)

Well, you are right that all 3 consoles have a certain specialisation. X - fps, PS - tpp (used to be RPGs), Wii - platformers.

The thing with action games is that they usually benefit from better graphics. Also I'm not sure if this genre is that big and important nowadays in the first place and actually the most important action game in the world (Diablo) just missed the platform, even though Wii U is more than capable of playing it and the touchscreen would make playing with inventory extreme fun. Guess Nintendo should moneyhat more if they want to add another genre as their specialisation. They can't miss out on the biggest games.

But all in all, I believe action games aren't the best choice for N. 3rd party games will ignore Wii U, cause it's too weak and Wii U will only get N games or stuff they moneyhat and this genre will never be "theirs". Their best bet would be going with something else, a genre that doesn't require mindblowing graphics, just like platformers. They could follow what they did with GCN and get all horror survival games (exclusive old school RE, Dino Crisis, Eternal Darkness 2, The Evil Within and actually even get Shinji Mikami and shower him with cash to make more games, exclusive this time), they should follow this up with games like Rogue Squadron and get all other space shooters to make that genre theirs - it's been dormant for so many years and actually has massive untapped potential with todays hardware.
In general - they should go for cool stuff, that's a bit niche, but a lot of fun and doesn't require a incredible power from the console. I'd be happy if they revived the space shooter genre, they could make an awesome MMO in which you are a privateer... A lot of possibilities and the GamePad would allow you to control the ship just like in movies

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