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Which New Nintendo IP do U like more:

The Wonderful 101 19 29.69%
Bayonetta 6 9.38%
Lego City Undercover 7 10.94%
Dillon's Rolling Western 0 0.00%
Rodea the Sky Soldier 0 0.00%
Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei 4 6.25%
Bravely Default 9 14.06%
King of Pirates 0 0.00%
Other 9 14.06%
See results 7 10.94%


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I updated the 1st OP with "Goomba's", which is a list of every member of Team NintenDomination.

If you're not on the list just say you want to be added, and I will get around to adding U.

I am excited about X (Provided it doesn't have anything to do with Xenoblade that is since thats already an IP)

But I would have to go with Xenoblade for my favorite New IP atm

Also, I want to be added!


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Slarvax said:
F0X said:
Well, my answer is Xenoblade. And anyone who doesn't think Xenoblade is a new IP needs to stop being a silly billy.

Doesn't it have a prequel called Xenosaga?

Xenogears and Xenosaga essentially take place in the same universe, but Xenoblade is unrelated.

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Thanks for the heads up! What happened with Conewoman?

Anyways, my vote goes to Bravely Default - love everything I've seen and heard about the game (excluding the microtransactions xD).

Cant wait to get it in Feb :)


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What's wrong with the other one? Does conegamer not want to do it anymore?

As king of Nintendo, I do not recall signing off on a new thread. I'm sure a new 3DS XL would help my memory Kaizair.

Bump me up from Goomba to Firebrand (Gargoyles Quest),, good poll good OPs nice stuff here.

JoeTheBro said:
As king of Nintendo, I do not recall pezus signing off on a new thread. I'm sure a new Vita would help my memory Kaizair.


'Nintendo kids' recreate viral Christmas excitement

Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:24 PM ET

Brandon and Rachel Kuzma
Brandon and Rachel Kuzma, whose over-the-top reaction to getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas in 1998 became a viral sensation, both now live in New York City and still are avidly into video games.

Fifteen years ago, they set the bar for over-the-top excitement while unwrapping Christmas presents. 

The video of siblings Brandon and Rachel Kuzma going bonkers and pumping their fists after receiving a Nintendo 64 console on Christmas in 1998 has been viewed more than 18 million times on YouTube since it was posted in 2006. Brandon was 9 years old and Rachel was 6 when the famous video was filmed by their father on Christmas morning at their childhood home in Emmaus, Pa. It has become a symbol for delirious kids on Christmas who get that special gift they wanted most.  

During TODAY's Take on Thursday, Willie Geist and Natalie Morales wondered what had become of the two children who lost their minds over that Nintendo 64. The siblings saw the segment, reached out to TODAY and provided an update. 


 (skip to 6:00 min)


Both now live in New York City, where Brandon, 24, works as a freelance filmmaker, and Rachel, 21, is studying photography at the International Center for Photography as part of a program at Ringling College of Art and Design. While the Nintendo 64 from that memorable Christmas is long gone, they are still avid video game fans.