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I went to YouTube to view some PS4 and Xbox one gameplay, and as I view some, I also came across a numerous of videos stating that their bored of next gen consoles. Not only because of there not much games out at the moment, but their also not excited for the upcoming games to. Of course, opinions can change once more "must have games release" but it feels like this console launch along with the Wii U have been meh experience compare to other launches.

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Here a little quote I want for those to keep memorize in your head for this coming next gen.                            

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Lol what question is this? I haven't played my PS3 since Nov 29 and not because I don't have games.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I'm going for my 4th ALBW playthrought and using my U for 3DFlop.

I play my Xbone and PS4 daily.
Currently trying to 100% Peggle 2, Dead Rising 3, and AC IV (PS4).

I was thinking of a similar thread. I've got money burning a hole in my pocket and I want to buy a next gen console but I know I'll be bored of 'em in no time. Happened with my N64, happened with my PS2 (thank God I had a Dreamcast until the good games came along), happened with my Wii, happened with my DS and happened with my Wii U. Pretty much any time I buy a console in the first few months, there's a drought.

Maybe some disappointed users will convince me to save my money.

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I still play my games from time to time but excitement is wearing thin. Awaiting titan fall. I hope to God that it's a hit.


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Im getting old, games don't excite me for hours anymore.



Finished with the games (Resogun, Contrast, ACIV) in less than two weeks. Waiting for the 8th when Don't starve is arriving and that will probably give me at least another day of fun. Eagerly awaiting Infamous which will give me another week of fun.

So pretty much the same schedule I had with my PS3 for the last 6 years. Waiting for one of the handful of good games of the year, blasting through them in less than a week and then waiting for the next.

Though my resolution for next year is to play more.

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That´s what usually happens when you get a console at launch.I remember how quickly I got bored with the PS2 playing only Tekken Tag and Ridge Racer, in November 2000.

Things started improving a little in March 2001, with the release of Onimusha.

There a couple of exceptions..for example, I had the N64 at launch and only Mario 64, but it was so groundbreaking, so unreal at the time, I couldn´t get bored with the system even with only one game.

The Dreamcast is another example.Power Stone, Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur kept me entertained for a long time.

But most launches are 'meh' as far as I´m concerned.

Still playing a few games of Fifa daily on my PS4
But at the moment im more on PC wasting money on those nice Steam deals and playing those games.
Can't wait for the moment DriveClub comes out but i have gladly enough other things to play so the wait doesn't feel so long or doesn't matter at all.
Right now watching a FFX/-2 Remaster Stream and im close to buying it from the JPN Store which would be a good idea cause i probably won't have time for it when it gets released in the west.
Im kinda glad i still have time to finish some other games before Sony is killing my wallet with millions of games i have to own.