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It's another convenient way to communicate with families overseas and it's free.

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I don't always use Facebook, but when I do, I find the events page helpful.

Arius Dion said:
Congratulations, sincerely. Social media is a waste of time and a surveillance device. It's actually not even that social. Anti social in many ways.

Thank you, this sums up the past year for me perfectly. I really should frame the above to remind me never to go back.

I'd also add, the average heavy user of social media is a lot meaner than the average person IRL (more assholes basically), which is saying a lot because people often disappoint me. But that may explain why so many people turn to gaming as a diversion, those of us who play for hours every day. Personally I use music a lot more, which obviously i wouldn't have time for if i had a great social life.

The commodification of human feelings and interactions, for profit.

Everybody's on Facebook because everybody's on Facebook.

If there was another more convenient way to mass communicate with the variety of friends I have, I would love to be off of Facebook.

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Money (from ads).


oldschoolfool said:
DerpSandwich said:
I'm in constant communication with all of my friends, despite sometimes not seeing some of them for weeks at a time. I'm in contact with old friends and family members that live so far away I would realistically never see or talk to them. I'm constantly in a discussion or collaborating on a project with my fellow filmmakers or keeping up on what my extended family is up to.

There are a lot of reasons social media is awesome. It can go too far, and it's all about how you use it, but saying that it has no point just because there's a lot of garbage on it is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes I become obsessive and spend too much time on Facebook, but as a tool it's invaluable.

Let me ask you a question. Why,can't you just use a phone for all of that? 

Because when you call someone, you're planning on having a direct, timed, end-to-end conversation with them, and only them.  I'm not going to think of everything I want to say when I call them.  But when I hop on Facebook, I can contribute to any number of conversations with any number of people involved, and all of us can comment and reply at our leasure.  Yes, it's possible to call any of the people I know, but I'm realistically not going to do it, especially when it comes to more distant family.  The casual environment of Facebook opens up communication where it wouldn't have been before.  It allows us to build on conversations and continue our collaboration over any amount of time, a little every day--not just while two of us happen to be talking on the phone.

I have a good time catching up with my old schoolmates on Facebook.  I would never give any of them a call.  Just being realistic.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder etc. all exist to ruin relationships.