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I finally canceled my facebook account after six years. I was tired of letting facebook control me. I was on it for hours at a time for years and I can't even explain why? It did'nt get me any further in life,it did'nt make me a productive member of society. All it did was make me have all these pretend,weak relationship's. Google + was set up better,but I canceled that after about a year of being on it. I don't really miss it at all so far. I mean,what's the point of so-called social media,there's nothing social about it.

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it's ironic to ask that question on another social media platform ;)

I dont know.
Never had facebook.

But I can image for some its nice to let their family and dear friends know what they are up to, like when they are travelling. Many people dont call their aunts and uncles often, so this is a way to keep them updated i guess.

Besides family and real friends, why people want hundreds of others to know what there are doing and what they like of things, i dont get though.


a lot of people these days can only be contacted via facbook lol. They seem to forgotten that mobile phones are for calling and not messaging each other over facebook.



I never wanted fb, some friend made it for me. So now I have it...
Barely use it though, only to check the class group to see what we have to do.

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Communication. Bottom line. How you use it and others, that is a different question.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

I never had a facebook. I have a Twitter account, though. It's just an outlet for my random thoughts.

And I might be mistaken but didn't you make a thread like this a while back?

*edit* I knew it! http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=165367&page=1

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For looking at the hot friends of your girlfriend.. Also to keep in touch with your backups


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Having kids it's apparent that the whole 'look at me' idea is a fundamental part of being human. It's like quantum mechanics, things don't happen when not witnessed. Social media is the perfect place to replace parental acknowledgement later in life.
It's no different with games, high scores, achievements, autolog, game dvr/streaming, all tie into the fundamental need to be acknowledged. We're herd animals, we're defined by the opinions of and comparisons to the rest of the herd.

I don't use Facebook anymore, I guess I get my acknowledgement through games. Plus already spent to much time on this pointless site :) Ooh a blue icon in my buddy bar...

Facebook has it's practical uses too. My wife hardly ever uses the phone anymore. On Facebook she'll have multiple conversation windows open at once while working or playing a game. You can keep track of 4 completely different conversations through chat windows with ease, try that with a phone.

The other big thing of Facebook is, it replaces small talk, the need for which Terry Pratchet explains best
He also uses the nomes as a group on the outside looking in on our own culture. One such instance I loved was a conversation between Masklin and the Thing. He asks the Thing to translate what the humans above him are saying, and he says, "The man with the sign is here to take our human to a hotel. It's a place where humans sleep and are fed. All the rest of it was just the things humans say to each other to make sure that they're still alive." Of course, Masklin asks him what he means by this, and he is told "Things like 'How are you?' and 'Have a nice day' and 'What do you think of the weather, then?' what these sounds mean is: I am alive and so are you.