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Standby Mode or No Standby Mode

No Standby Mode 54 35.29%
Standby Mode 80 52.29%
clicky clicky 17 11.11%

I believe that there is laws/regulations/taxes that require consumer electronic devices to have low power standby modes, for energy efficiency/ecological concerns. Even if it's not good for anything else, it means that people who forget to or are too lazy to turn off their console will use less power for all the hours and days it is turned on but not being used, compared to if there was no low power standby mode.

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Mine has been on the move a lot showing to various curious friends so been in the habit of not using standby. I really do not think boot up is that bad, but I tend to game for least an hour or more on consoles.

UltimateUnknown said:
I don't see the benefit to standby. When I turn on my console from standby, it turns on a few seconds faster but it still has to boot up the game from scratch just as if it wasn't on standby. It doesn't start the game from the point I left it on standby. I don't know if Sony lied or I'm doing something wrong, but standby mode is pointless to me right now.

Sony didn't lie and you're not doing anything wrong. Its just that the suspend/resume feature for a game in standby mode is not ready and will be added in an update.  if I had to guess I would say it would be added in the first half of 2014.


OT: And I keep it in standby at all times. I like it booting up faster and everything is already downloaded and ready to go.

On my PS3, I just turned off the console with the controller, never any consideration of standby mode. Thanks to +, it did turn on in the middle of the night to update, download patches and sync trophies. But since my PS4 has come, it has been unplugged

I generally leave my PS4 on standby mode, but turn it off fully every now and again. I haven't really given much thought to it admittedly

My newest PS3, Wii, Wii U, and Xbox 360s don't have any kind of 100% powered off mode. I'll likely never turn the PS4 off.

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Kept my PS3 completely off and I thought that attributed to its long life. My newest super slim was always in standby. I will probably leave the PS4 in standby mode most of the time to get the benefits.


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Just played Resogun via the PS Vita, so I suppose that's as good a reason as any for me to leave the PS4 on standby mode. The PSV can wake it up through the internet and play PS4 games via WiFi as advertised, which is actually pretty cool.

I fiddled with remote play on the PS3 and it never really worked that well. Compressed, lossy signal, doesn't work with PSN games installed on HDD. I don't think it even worked with PS3 disc games. It certainly doesn't work with PS3 games installed on HDD. I think the only games it works with are PSOne games. Plus the PS3 has to be in Network>Remote Play. It just doesn't work the way it should and the way it seems to on the PS4.

d21lewis said:
My newest PS3, Wii, Wii U, and Xbox 360s don't have any kind of 100% powered off mode. I'll likely never turn the PS4 off.

You can plug them all into a separate surge protector that can be flipped off when inactive.

It's dawned on me that I should do this myself for the consoles that are always plugged in, but almost never used. 

I just shut my ps4 off


I pay the bills in my house, so off!