At what age did you ejaculate/masturbate?

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What age did you first fap?

10 36 11.32%
11 36 11.32%
12 85 26.73%
13 65 20.44%
14 28 8.81%
15+ 30 9.43%
Never 19 5.97%
1 because I was a horny motha fuka 19 5.97%

Lol I was like 7. I didn't even know what I was doing, just found out it feels really good. Oh and I always felt guilty after I "finished"

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5. Resident Evil VII
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2. Horizon Zero Dawn
1. Super Mario Odyssey

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I was 16. Before that, my dick would be on fire but I had no idea what to do. I didn't even have porn and nobody explained anything so I didn't know how these things worked. I once found my parents condoms and put all of them on one after another. All I knew was it felt good. Meanwhile, I was getting uncontrollable erections like all the time at the worst possible moments. In high school, I actually had to trap my penis in my belt otherwise it was really embarrassing.

Anyway, I had Cinemax and I was watching this old movie called "The Blue Lagoon". Brooke Shields was in it and she was trapped on an island with this guy. Hell, I think they were brother and sister. Anyway, they were on this island alone since they were kids and they were pretty much grown up. There was a part where she said told the guy that she saw him playing with himself and she saw what happens when he does it for a long time. I was curious to find out.

That night, I took a shower. I would wash my face, wash my penis. Arms, penis. Chest, penis. Penis, penis. Penis, penis, penis......OH MY GOD! It was like I lost all control of myself. I damn near tore down the shower rod. Greatest feeling, ever! And the rest was jerk off history.

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Oh God, I remember it now. There was a show on Nickeloedon called "Unfabulous". Thought the main girl was really hot, so just felt it and went with it... So I want to say 12.

Aren't you like 13?

Anyway, 11.

6th grade.. rubbed on the carpet too much. Went to the restroom. Messed around with it and next thing i was in pain.

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Adinnieken said:
Do you not have spell check? Masterbate?

I always spell it Masterbate. Cause I'm the master of it.


Anyway, I was 12 or 13.  Don't remember when the first time I came was.

This post seems like it would be created by a pedophile who would then jerk off by all these dudes telling detailed stories of their first masterbation session and first timy cumming.  Kind of creepy, this post is.....

I think I was 12/13, and although I'd masturbated before that, it wasn't sexual in nature.

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I was 15 back then... guess i was a little bit late.

12... I wanted to know what all the fuss was about rubbing le cock... and then I understood and didn't really stop ever since... With that being said, I did start with toys instead of just using hand and lube. And no, I do not mean Dildo's you uneducated 12 year olds... I mean "Holes" such as Tenga Flip Hole... Dont judge till you try!!! You will never go back to using ur hand after that!!!


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