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Why is your preferred console your preferred console? 

List reasons why it is your preferred console


PS4-Because I'm a playstation fanboy

X1-Because I'm a xbox fanboy

PS4-Because It's the most powerful console

X1-Because of teh powaz of teh cloudz

PS4-Because of it's exclusives

X1-Because of it's multi-tasking  abilities

EDIT: Sorry about the quad posting :P Vgchartz noob, so please don't kill me

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Wide range of exclusives that are range from popular genre's like TPS and FPS, to less popular ones like hack and slash, to completely different experiences like heavy rain. it also gets amazing third party support, so i can play the games that i love like RDR, max payne or AC2 it.

with every new gen i want new IP's not old franchises that i played before. and the best console manufacturer that does that is sony.

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Because the hardware and its software can stand the test of time like no other.

No Wii U examples :(

Wii U - because people like the OP hate Nintendo so much that they can't even acknowledge the existence of Nintendo



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PS3/PS4 because sony has the best variety of first party ip.....

most innovative
boundary pushing
most powerful hardware


and.. you can add the majority of major 3rd party games are also part of that library, like metal gear/finalfantasy/kingdom hearts/ call of duty/ assassins creed, etc


The controller I use most often dictates which console I prefer.

Nintendo Systems - I love Nintendo first party games (and the few third party exclusives)

Playstation Systems - I love Third party games (and some of Sony's first party)


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Wii U -

Console manufactured by a pure gaming company whose focus is gameplay, family, and hardware innovation.
Free online is a bonus for me because i use it sparringly and wouldn't pay thus would never get to play online.
One device for web browsing, triple AAA games, and tv remote. And it's portable through out my house.
Expandable storage let me choose the size requirements best suited and best priced for my needs.
Virtual Console gives me access to all my favorite games from the eighties and nineties.
Backwards compatibility enabled me to sell my Wii and keep my library of exclusives.
Nintendo games have the best replay value imo and my favorite series.
Multiplatform games have Nintendo Wii U GamePad features.
When my son is older he can use it (prostitute free).
Most comfortable controller esp when typing.



PC -
Wireless 360 controller
works in living room

I like the Wii U because I actually really like its controller, the use of online features, and how games work on the system. The software lineup that contains both 1st party Nintendo titles and the occasional 3rd party gem is an added bonus. But honestly, from a purely hardware point of view, it's my favorite console since the PS2, simply because I think the hardware is ingeniously designed and fits my desires as a gamer.

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