Nintendo loyalist: How angry would you be if you got a Vita or PS4 for Xmas?

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I would want the Vita.


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No reason to get mad, both are great consoles.

Who would get angry at a present? I'd just sell it.

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i already have a vita, i don't mind a ps4

cycycychris said:

They can keep the Vita. Nothing interest me on that system. I would congraduate them for finding one since I personally have never seen a store that sells them. My target only caries 5 games with 0 systems. Walmart and Gamestop same story but just a couple more games.

But I would accept a PS4 with open arms. I would for sure buy all the 3rd party games that don't come to Wii U for the system.

Where do you live? Some distant farming town with a population of 7?

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not mad at all... I'll sell the PS4 in order to buy some old good SNES and N64 games.


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Free is always good.

I would be thrilled to get a new system regardless of which one I have loyalties to! Especially the ps4 since I would be more likely to get games for it than the Vita.

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Why would I be angry? Free consoles!


I would be very happy with a Ps4, but kinda frustrated getting a Vita.