I just blocked the vita section at my store with a Wii U display

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the_dengle said:

Now all of the people who were going to buy a Vita will buy a Wii U instead.

Why couldn't you put the display in front of the PS4 or, better yet, the 3DS section?

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It's not like anyone was going to buy anything from the Vita section. I mean, your probably only blocking like 5 or 6 games anyways.


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Was the Wii U display that big, or the Playstation section really small...?

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Looks like that's the final nail on the coffin for the Vita.

I expect Sony to formally announce their exit from the handheld market some time today or tomorrow...:/

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its weird.. i wonder if any customer or even the staff will ever notice? I mean they probably haven't restocked both sections since they launched

These comments are hilarious, keep it up guys!
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spurgeonryan said:

Nintendo hero or aimless thug?


To br fair, I technically blocked the psp and Half the PS 3 section as well.

Are you 12 years old ?

People will still find the Sony section. They've overcome Microsoft and they will most definitely overcome the Wii U.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
People will still find the Sony section. LOL

I don't know....I just have this gut feeling that all hope is lost... :(