Has there been a game that has made you cried or at least close to tearing up?

Forums - General Discussion - Has there been a game that has made you cried or at least close to tearing up?

Super Mario Galaxy. Book of Rosalina.

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- The ending of the prologue in Kingdom Hearts 2
- Most of "To the Moon"
- Aeriths death in FFVII

I did not cry, but I was close

Kingdom Hearts 1's ending and The Last Of Us. Neither made me cry but did manage to get my eyes misty.


First time watching Super Mario 64 credits was pretty close. Also Navi leaving Link in Ocarina of Time.

The Last of Us a little bit emotional. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days a lot of emotions at the ending. Saddest I've seen in a video game

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Metal Gear Solid 4. The single one game I think that did bring some manly tears...a couple times the brawl part, the ending of course. The ending was long so I was wheeping like a girl by the time it actually ended

I don't know, it was a game I came back to after so many years of not having a console, my favourite childhood video game character that I recalled my brother playing and me always watching the playthroughs. I brought his journey to the end. The story of course, Snake being old, tired and broken and an amazing soundtrack.
It all pushed the right notes, since I don't cry during video games. (I cry a lot at movies though)

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Kingdom hearts 1 and Crisis Core.

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Knack made me shed tears of pain and anguish.

I was going to say that very game, The Walking Dead.  So sad after I finshed chapter 4, then mad that the next one had nothing to do with the entire story.

Also, Halo: Reach really made me super sad. War is just a really awful thing. And seeing someone you care about lost makes me sad.  Plus if you really think about the ending its a slow horible way to die.


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The ending of Final Fantasy X, I have literally wept :S